Characteristics of the Japanese Language

Characteristics of the Japanese Language

Japanese Language:

The Japanese language is nearly spoken by One Twenty million residents in Japan and by the Japanese who reside in South or North American regions and Hawaii. It is a second language for the Korean and Japanese people who lived below Japanese occupation in the first era. FITA Academy’s Japanese Classes in Chennai provides certification training with 100% placement assistance. Here in this blog, we describe the characteristics of the Japanese Language.


Through meticulous research, we promptly have a certain proof for the generative proportions of the significant languages in the world. English accompanied by other languages like Russia, India, and Europe relates to the group of Indo-European languages. In opposition, there is none of the final proof relating Japanese to a particular group of words. 

Characteristics of the Japanese Language:


There are three divisions of words that endure in Japanese. The primary Japanese words establish the highest division of words originally followed and obtained by China in earlier history, which is the smallest but quickly evolving division of words acquired in recent times of Occidental languages like English. This third division includes a smaller number of words, which come from another Asian Language.


The Japanese language holds an extensive syllable accent design so that a maximum of syllables is ended in a vowel letter. The syllable may be formed individually of the vowel. The vowels are a, e, i, o, u. Join FITA Academy for the best Japanese Language Course in Chennai offers real-time projects with practical examples. 


Each language possesses a necessary word line for the statements in a sentence. The Japanese language enables several orders of words like flexible and nonflexible words. There is no accent of words. The grammar provides a verb to express the action regarding events which involves the referring of other words.


The Japanese language is formulated vertically by the files originating from the page’s right side. While the process of writing is quite predominant, there is an added approach that is indistinguishable to English in rising from the top of the left side and written horizontally. 


The Japanese language is easy to learn, and we have a better understanding of Japanese history, entertainment, material arts, fashion, culture, and tradition. Japanese Training in Chennai will be your career establishing course.