Deployment of Cloud Computing

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Deployment models of Cloud

Cloud Computing Training in Chennai explains that in general terms ‘Deployment’ means that there are several activities interrelated and we can always switch over the activities according to the need. There are generally three deployment models in cloud they are namely,

  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid cloud

Private Cloud

When an organization is large enough that there is a need to virtualize the business environment because the business decisions are to be altered at any point of time then cloud computing courses in Chennai says that a private cloud can be preferred.  When undertaking a private cloud it means the cloud space is exclusively for you whether for you your business, it can be hosted exclusively for you or your business.

Cloud computing has a major drawback that even though it is very useful when used properly and can improve the business in a cost effective way. The main thing here is that the security issues are to be addressed and solved to keep the data safe, failing to do so can create a serious problem to the work.

Cloud Computing Training will inform you that these problems can be handled by the self-run data centers. These are very costly; these can be afforded by the large companies. They need space; hardware is to be kept in a certain temperatures only to avoid heating. Here again infrastructure is be reworked. This model faces some criticism because cloud is used for cost effectiveness and efficiency.  But installing these hardware cost huge amount of money so small business avoid using this.

Public Cloud

Private cloud is when a cloud is dedicated exclusively for you, it cost a huge amount of money and this is suitable for large companies. Public cloud is a cloud where you use the services over a shared network, which is open for public. Cloud computing training Chennai says that a public cloud may or may not be free, it depends on the provider.  When comparing the architecture of both the cloud they are almost same, but the security may be biggest difference.

Hybrid Cloud

When two more deployment models are combined then it can be called as a hybrid cloud. Here the two distant entities are bound together, and the benefits of the bounded models can be enjoyed.

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