Salesforce Certification Training in Chennai

Salesforce Certification Training in Chennai

Salesforce Certification

In recent days the demand for Salesforce is growing very rapidly, and most of the MNCs are looking for Salesforce certified professionals. Completing Salesforce Certification not only enable you to prove your knowledge on Salesforce and but also attracts many employers. Salesforce Certification includes four different modules which are

  1. Admin
  2. Developer
  3. Implementation Experts
  4. Architects


Salesforce Administrators involve in many activities which include managing and configuring service and sales cloud applications and provide recommendations for the business to get more extra features and qualifications. An administrator can manages security and data issues. Maintaining workflow activities and applications are also the primary responsibility of a Salesforce admin.


Role of Salesforce Developers is to assist in designing and building any custom application using platform. The Salesforce developer certification exam is for anyone who wants to demonstrate their skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise in building traditional applications via the platform. For any user application, developer should be able to create & assist in design plan of user interface, business logic, data model and security.

Implementation Experts

Sales cloud consultant assessment is mainly intended for implementation experts who contain knowledge for implementing Sales Cloud resolutions during a customer-facing role. After the development activity of any user applications by Salesforce developers, it has to be implemented by these implementation expert teams from the client side. Implementation team gives the correct solutions for resolving troubles in the application during the run time. Commonly Implementation Experts have excellent awareness of products and its features, so by using those knowledge experts assist in developing right CRM application for a client. Implementation Experts help in moving the application to production, running application without troubles in live there by increasing the performance of the application.


Architects assist in designing the innovative applications that help your business to become productive, fast and grow. The role of architect is designing the application structure and flow. A good architect should have knowledge of several platforms of system for a successful execution of application.

Choose which role in Salesforce will best suit for your career. Get trained on Salesforce at FITA Academy if you are looking for best Salesforce Training in Chennai & Become a Salesforce Certified Professional instantly!

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