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History of

Attending Salesforce Training in Chennai will let you know that, was founded back in 1999 by ex Oracle executive Marc Benioff and team, and the company was aimed to give software as a service. Benioff was introduced his three other partners from a different company and they collectively wrote the initial sales automation software and after much struggle they launched their service to its first customer in 1999. has seen a steady growth and has been successful to expand its customer base steadily. Salesforce training institute in Chennai also shared that, after five years the company thought of going public and the initial public offering was out in June 2004. They were listed in NYSE and company symbol was CRM and through this offer the company successfully raises a whooping US$110 million. There were many successful investors who invested in 2004 is marked as the turning point of Another important year in the history of is 2012, when it applied for the trademark for the term social enterprise in some major countries like US, UK, Jamaica etc. After introduction of this term, the term became a big hit among the companies where they are working for a social cause, but Salesforce Training mentioned that soon it was challenged by another social enterprise in UK and thus had to withdraw this term from all thir marketing campaigns and this gave a huge setback for In the timeline came the year 2014, decided to move further and decided to spread it services in the field of sales, marketing, mobile apps and analytics. In the year 2015 Salesforce tied up with another gaint called Learning manangemnt systems, this was done to let the users get more educated. LMS had the ability to import the users of to get same access to learn online.

Services offered by

It’s been sixteen years since was founded and now is not only offering CRM but many other services. Sales cloud, app cloud, services cloud are some of the services offered by, all those who did salesforce course in Chennai would be well aware of this.

Technologies provided by

Apex platform provides a programming language called Apex and this language is somewhat similar to Java. For execution of most processes on apex can be useful.

Visual force

To use view control technology on, salesforce has developed a new technology called visual force which would be very useful for the platform. This is compared with HTML due to similarities in the structure and markup appearance.


2014 was the year when when salesforce introduced its backend of its platform to public. This is called lighting. This was similar to HTML. This allows the user to build their personalized components and they can use it,.

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