Virtualization in Cloud Computing

Virtualization in Cloud Computing

virtualization in cloud computing

Virtualization creates a virtual version of the server, a desktop, a storage device, network resources.”

In other words, virtualization is a method that lets more than one customer or organization share one physical instance of a resource. It does this by giving a physical store a logical name and a pointer to that physical storage when needed.

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How does the idea of virtualization work?

Virtualization is the process of making a virtual machine on top of an operating system and hardware that are already in place. A virtual machine creates an environment that is logically separated from the hardware it runs on.

The computer hosting the virtual machine is called the Host Machine, and the virtual machine itself is called a Guest Machine.

Types of Virtualization

  • Hardware virtualization
  • Virtualization of operating systems
  • Server Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization

Hardware virtualization is when the software for a virtual machine or a virtual machine manager (VMM) is installed directly on the hardware system.

The hypervisor’s main job is to control and keep an eye on the processor, memory, and other hardware resources.

After the hardware system has been virtualized, we can install different operating systems on it and run different apps on each OS.


Hardware virtualization is mostly done on server platforms because it is much easier to control virtual machines than on a real server.

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Operating System Virtualization 

It is installing the virtual machine software or virtual machine manager (VMM) on the Host Operating system.

Operating System Virtualization is often used to test software on different OS platforms.

Server virtualization is when the software for virtual machines or the virtual machine manager (VMM) is installed directly on the server system.

Server virtualization is done so that a single physical server can be split into several servers on demand to spread the load.

Storage virtualization is grouping the physical storage from multiple network storage devices to look like a single storage device. Software applications can also be used to set up storage virtualization. Storage virtualization is mostly used for backing up and restoring data.

how does it work in the cloud?

Virtualization is a very important part of cloud computing technology. Usually, users share the data in the clouds, such as applications, but with the help of virtualization, users can share the infrastructure.

Virtualization technology is mostly used to give cloud users the standard versions of the apps they use. If the next version of an app comes out, the cloud provider would have to give their cloud users the latest version, which isn’t always possible because it costs more. We mostly use virtualization technology to solve this problem.

By using virtualization, all of the servers and software applications that other cloud providers need are taken care of by a third party. The cloud providers pay the third party monthly or annually.


Virtualization is mostly about running multiple operating systems on the same computer while sharing all the hardware resources. And it helps us put together a pool of IT resources so we can share them and use them to help the business. To acquire more knowledge in cloud computing, get into FITA Academy for getting top-notch Cloud Computing Training in Chennai