Why is Python So Popular?

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What is Python?

Python is an object-oriented, high-level programming language for web and app development that is open-source. The language is straightforward and simple to pick up. Hiring a mid-level experienced python programmer can be highly cost-effective, lowering the overall project cost significantly. Apart from that, it enables programmers to write complex codes in a straightforward manner. Python was created in 1991 by developer Guido Van Rossum, and it is a popular choice among developers for data science, big data, and web development. FITA Academy offers the best Python Training in Chennai with career guidance and best practical knowledge.

why is python so popular?

Python’s popularity has increased rapidly in recent years, owing to its ease of learning, adaptability, and efficiency. It is a general-purpose language that was created with the goal of being easy to read and write. Furthermore, the language has evolved into a universal platform for a variety of development needs, and it provides programmers with a wide range of alternatives. It has a strong and friendly python community that guides developers in the proper direction, in addition to its simple to use and understand capabilities.

  1. Python has a thriving, active, and friendly community.

Programming languages that lack documentation and developer support do not fare well, for obvious reasons. Python does not have either of these issues. It’s been around for a while, so there’s lots of documentation, manuals, tutorials, and other resources available. In addition, the developer community is very active. That implies that anyone who requires assistance or support can obtain it quickly.

This vibrant community ensures that developers of all skill levels — from novice to expert — may always find aid. And, as any experienced programmer or developer knows, when you’re in the middle of a deadline and run into development challenges, support can make or break you.

  1. Python has a number of excellent corporate sponsors.

When a programming language gets a corporate sponsor, it helps a lot. Microsoft owns C#, Sun owns Java, and Facebook owns PHP. Python was significantly adopted by Google in 2006, and they’ve utilized it for a variety of platforms and applications since then.

What is the significance of this? Because corporations like Google must supply tools in order for their employees — and future developers — to work with their systems and products. In the instance of Google, they generated a large number of Python instructions and Python tutorial.

It contributes an ever-growing collection of documentation and support resources, as well as free language advertising, at least in the development community.

  1. Python Comes With Incredible Libraries

Libraries can actually help you save time and cut down on the initial development cycle when you’re working on larger projects. NumPy and SciPy for scientific computing, as well as Django for web development, are among Python’s many libraries. Join Python Training in Coimbatore to enhance your coding skills in Python Programming Langugae.

There are also a few libraries that specialize in certain areas, such as scikit-learn for machine learning and nltk for natural language processing.

  1. Python Is a User-Friendly Language

Python is relatively simple to learn and use for novices and beginners. It’s one of the most user-friendly programming languages on the market. The emphasis on natural language is one of the reasons behind the simpler syntax. But it’s also because Python allows you to develop and run code much more quickly.


Whatever the case may be, it’s a fantastic language for novices, and it’s where a lot of new developers start. More importantly, experienced developers are not forgotten, as there is always work to be done. This is the blog which explains why is python popular? To learn more about Python programming language, join Python Online Course at FITA Academy for the best training with Placement Assistance.